Raider of the Deep…………

A beloved father’s murder, stolen treasure, and a handsome pirate that may be the man who destroyed her family…

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Lizzette Wickham finds herself at the mercy of the notorious Spanish pirate, Pargo. Forced to believe his story that another pirate, Rourke Mackall, killed her father and stole Pargo’s treasure, Lizzie must make a decision – save herself or to do Pargo’s bidding and find his treasure in order to save her younger brother. If she chooses the latter, she must survive everything that makes her island home dangerous.

Rourke Mackall has returned to Manta Cay with the intent of visiting his old friend, Governor William Wickham. He is shocked to learn of his death at the hands of a nameless enemy. Determined to keep a promise he made to the governor, he is honor bound to see the governor’s children are safely escorted to London. Believing Lizzie to be a wee lass, he is shocked to find she is a beautiful young woman who has no intention of leaving the island.

Lizzie never expected to find the target of her revenge innocent and willing to aid her. Rourke is the opposite of everything Pargo has told her—kind, patient, and quite possibly, the man of her dreams.

Together, they navigate the dangerous waters surrounding her island home, chasing the murderer that ended her father’s life while also discovering the thief that stole Pargo’s treasure. Of course, these revelations come at a price, for Rourke has never loved a woman for more than a night, and the fiercely independent Lizette will never give in until she gets what she wants.

Will Rourke and Lizzie finally admit they both share the same dream, a need for passion and family, or will pride and selfishness drive them apart once they complete the adventure that has fatefully brought them together?

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Series: Pirates of Britannia, Book 2
Genre: Pirates
Format: eBook
eBook Price: 0.99
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