“The Sea Lord” The latest Pirate Adventure by Hildie McQueen

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Can a beautiful heiress lure a pirate to life on land?

When offered a royal pardon, Pirate Kevin MacAlpin accepts an assignment to rescue a kidnapped heiress. Unfortunately, the beauty is found on his ship and the discovery could lead to dire consequences. What is worse, the woman turns out to be more enticing than a siren and soon Captain MacAlpin wonders if the one captured is him.

Gailyn Brighton finds herself kidnapped and then stolen by highway robbers, all while in a crate. Her escape plan is foiled when the ship she is on leaves the harbor. Now she must use the only weapon available to survive. Her wit and intelligence. After careful consideration of the consequences of her kidnapping, Gailyn decides to propose marriage to the handsome pirate.

Love can appear in the most unexpected places!

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