3 Things You Might Not Know about Pirates

Writing a book requires research, especially if it takes place in the past. We learn so many fun tidbits about our characters and plots, and the Pirates of Britannia are no exception!

But after researching, we authors need to determine which facts to use, when to choose the legendary, timeworn stories over historical facts, and when to embellish to make a book’s plot or characters more exciting or interesting.

The most important part of the book is something upon which we can all agree, and that’s the HEA. You know, the happily-ever-after. In the meantime, here are some things you might not have known about the men who inspire our favorite swoon-worthy swashbucklers…

Pirates Rarely Buried Their Loot

Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, it was rare for a pirate to bury his treasure because he usually squandered it on grog or women first. You have to give the pirate a little credit for that train of thought. If he spent every last coin, then nobody could steal it from him!

Most of the loot pirates gleaned from other ships were items of a more sensible than sumptuous nature. They ranged from expensive cloth and shipbuilding materials to food items like fish or rice. Tools of all types and weapons were perhaps the most highly sought-after, as they were both useful and worth a lot to merchants and other sailors alike.

The Real Purpose of a Pirate’s Eyepatch

There is something about a muscular marauder wearing an eyepatch that stirs something inside those of us who read (and write) about the Pirates of Brittania.

But did you know a pirate didn’t have to lose an eye to wear an eyepatch? It’s said that pirates wore eyepatches to always have one eye ready to see in the dark and shadowy recesses below deck on the ship, where sources of light were scarce.

Captain’s Orders Varied Between Ships

One of the responsibilities of a ship’s captain was to make up rules for the ship, and rules between ships could be as different as night and day. This is a huge boon for authors, like the ones who write the Pirates of Britannia books.

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