Two in One, Twice the Fun: What Can You Expect from Rosamund Winchester? By Rosamund Winchester

Greetings from my desk! I am Lynn Winchester but I write as Rosamund Winchester… That’s quite the perfect historical romance name, right? Well, there’s a reason for that. I wanted to create a new persona, one that would have the historical romance vibe readers have come to expect.


As Lynn Winchester, I am known for my sweet and sometimes spicy (but not sexy) historical romance. I have over a dozen American historical romances under my belt. So why did I decide to go a different romance direction? Well, my muse and I don’t like being bound to a single genre. I don’t read a single genre, and so I don’t write in a single genre.


Most readers will know me as Lynn, and hopefully they’ve enjoyed my books. But Rosamund is a wholly different “person”. How so?


Rosamund Writes Dark


Rosamund writes brutal, suspenseful, thrilling, and sometimes downright despicable tales, with brutal and despicable characters. But I balance my horrific villains with my broken yet redeemable heroes, and it all evens out. The reader is left with a hatred for the villain and a love for the hero and heroine—which was my intent all along.


Fair warning: do NOT read Rosamund’s books if you can’t handle sociopathic bad guys.



Rosamund Writes Sexy


As Lynn, I wrote stories my young daughters could read. Pretty tame sexual tension, but the tension was still there to help create the feeling of intimacy and attraction between the MCs. But, as Rosamund, I write sexy, passionate tales with deep kissing, heavy petting, and open door sex scenes—wide open. My characters aren’t driven by the physical attraction, but it is part of building their relationship and drawing the reader in so they feel a part of all the naughty bits.


Fair warning: DO read Rosamund’s books if you don’t mind a little heat with your historical romance.


Rosamund Aims to Shock and Awe


Lynn writes stories that will make you go “aww, that was sweet.”


Rosamund writes stories that will make you scream “what the hell was that? Oh, my God!” – which is good and bad, right? LOL. It’s good because it evokes an emotional response… Dunno if there really is anything bad about that, though.


As Rosamund, I aim to shock you, make you scream in fear or elation, and tear you to pieces…right before I mend your broken heart back together with a lovely happily ever after.


So, I guess the point of this blog post is to invite you to come and read one of my stories—whether it’s a sweet historical romance written by Lynn, or a brutal, passionate medieval pirate tale from Rosamund.